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        The most qualified Lathe manufacturers and suppliers platform for Lathes resource.

        Nissei America, Inc.

        Company Introduction

        Ideal Production and Its Further Evolution… Our time has changed significantly. We, as citizens of the earth, have witnessed the greatness of Mother Nature and are living in the moment that allows us to appreciate the importance of its blessing like never before. We are truly concerned about people's happiness all around the world. Today, there are high demands for high-quality and environment-friendly products in many different fields, anything from our daily life to medical care to the aero-space industry. Never hampered by conventionalism, Nissei has been pioneering the technological breakthroughs in the industry with our fastidious research on the raw material level and abundant experience in the injection molding technology. By providing the technologies that are useful for the industries worldwide, we believe that we can help enrich communities throughout the world. Nissei...A Half Century of Leadership in the Field of Injection Molding Machines Cumulative Sales of Injection Molding Machine Totaled Over 100,000Units We have embarked on ...
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        Product Showcase
        Basic Profile
        Region United States
        Business Type Manufacturer,
        Certification ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004,
        Main Products Hybrid Series,Electric Series,Vertical Series,Compact Series,Double injection series,
        Contact Detail
        Company Nissei America, Inc.
        Contacts Sales
        Country/Region United States
        Address 1480 North Hancock Street,Anaheim, California-92807,USA
        TEL +(1)-(714)-6933000
        FAX +(1)-(714)-6937777
        Web Site http://www.nisseiamerica.com

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