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        Gye Tay Machinery Works

        Slot Cell Insertion ,Coil Winding,Coil and Wedge ,Coil Formin,Coil Lacing,Stator In-Slot Windi,

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        Gye Tay Machinery Works
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        Gye Tay founded in 1975, specializes in a wide selection of motor manufacturing equipment including coil winding machine, dual flyer coil winder. We provides the production line planning and motor manufacture-ability evaluation service.

        Found by Harris Liao as a specialized/customized equipment provider
        Focused on designing and producing electrical automatic machines for motor manufacturing
        Exported the high quality and efficient machines to Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, HK and to North/South Americans.
        Increased the capital by 2 million US dollars and expanded our business to manufacture stator coil and wedge inserting machines.
        Increased the capital individually by 2 million US dollars to purchase nearby factories for the expand.
        Now: the plant size is about 37,000 square feet
        Ceiling Fan Production Equipments
        AC Induction Cage Motor Production Equipments
        DC Brushless Motor Production Equipments
        Refrigerator Compressor Motor Production Equipments
        Air Conditioner Motor Production Equipments
        Refrigerator Compressor Motor Automatic Production Line
        Three Phase Industrial Motor Automatic Production Line
        Servo Motor Production Equipment
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