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        Goldspring Enterprise, Inc.

        Company Introduction

        Goldspring was established in 1954 specializing in manufacturing and selling quality machines around the world. Our chief products include intensive mixer (banbury mixer), kneader mixer, pelletizer, rubber extruder, rubber preformer, 2 roll mixing mill, lab machinery. To remain competitive in the machine industry and meet changing requirements from customers, we relentlessly continue to build reliable and accurate products. We have also adopted the most modern technology in machining, research and management. We always provide the best possible service for existing clients and potential customers. With such an emphasis on quality, development, service and management as well as your support and trust, we will be the best and most reliable company in the world someday.
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        Product Showcase
        Basic Profile
        Region Taiwan
        Business Type Manufacturer,Exporter,
        Certification ISO 9001:2000,Others,
        Main Products Mixing mill,Kneader mixer,Pelletizer,Intensive Mixer,Banbury mixer, rubber extruder, Rubber performing machine, Rubber performer,
        Contact Detail
        Company Goldspring Enterprise, Inc.
        Contacts Emily Kao
        Country/Region Taiwan
        Address 6-1, Ta Hsing St., Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C
        TEL 886-4-22812909
        FAX 886-4-22807279
        Web Site http://www.goldspring.com.tw

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