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        Young World Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Company Introduction

        Founded in 1988, Young World Machinery Co., Ltd. is a fantastic manufactory of laminating or coating machines. Besides the manufacture of the products, we also offer a wide range of consulting service, including operation of laminating machines, technical guidance of laminating, usage/cleaning of glue, choice of laminating glue and maintenance & repair. To maintain sustainablility of our operation, we manage to develop novel machinery. Since 2002, we have concentrated our energy on researching and developing new and special laminating machines, using the R-HM = Reactive–Hot Melt Adhesiveis, which is a perfect adhesive in clothing materials, garment, automobile at this time. Complete service related to laminating machines are our strength. We expect to be at your service soon.
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        Product Showcase
        Basic Profile
        Region Taiwan
        Business Type Manufacturer
        Main Products Laminating Machine, Coating Machine,
        Contact Detail
        Company Young World Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Contacts Sales
        Country/Region Taiwan
        Address No.16, 267 Lane, Sec.3, Min Sheng Rd., Shang Feng Vall, Ta Ya Dist., Taichung City 42844, Taiwan
        TEL 886-4-25667644
        FAX 886-4-25667844
        Web Site http://www.young-world.com.tw

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