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        Yii Lee Enterprise Co., Ltd

        Company Introduction

        Yii Lee enterprise Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturers of high quality UV varnishing machine and OPP film laminating machine. Our product line includes waster-based P.P. film laminating machine, sheet feeding reflection embossing machine, auto paper bord laminator, high speed calendering machine, coating machine, high speed varnishing & polishing machine and many others. Service, quality and honesty are our core value. We are committed to ceaseless development and innovation. To ensure the high quality of our products, all machines are designed, manufactured and assembled by our in-house engineers. Besides, our products are subject to stern quality examination and test run before installation. With flawless service and top quality of the products, Yii Lee is indeed a trustworthy supplier you can depend on.
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        Product Showcase
        Basic Profile
        Region Taiwan
        Business Type
        Main Products P.P. Film Laminating Machine, UV Spot Varnishing Machine, Sheet Feeding Reflection Embossing Machine, Paper Bord Laminator, Coating Machine, Calendering Machine, Polishing Machine,
        Contact Detail
        Company Yii Lee Enterprise Co., Ltd
        Contacts Sales
        Country/Region Taiwan
        Address No.7-3, 2nd Neighborhood,Changdaokent, Changkent Vil,Bali Dist, New Taipei City,Taiwan ( R.O.C) 24941
        TEL 886-2-26195173
        FAX 886-2-26105231
        Web Site http://www.yiilee.com.tw

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