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        Forward Machinery Industrial Corp.

        Company Introduction

        Forward Machinery, established in 1985, is a fabulous PVC calender specialist in this field. The chief products include PVC rigid sheet productive equipment, PVC synthetic leather productive equipment, PVC laminating and embossing machine, PVC flooring making machine, etc. We have built more than 300 PVC calender lines for turnkey basis machinery equipment around the world. Our company has brilliant designing ability, excellent manufacturing technology, plentiful knowledge and experience for turnkey projects. We are dedicated to providing our royal customers with the completed and well-designed productive equipment for PVC products. Give us a chance, and you'll find Forward Machinery is your friendly business partner.
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        Product Showcase
        Basic Profile
        Region Taiwan
        Business Type Manufacturer
        Main Products PVC Material Supply,PVC Sheet Calender and Cooling Train,PVC Sheet Winder,PVC Sheet Printing,PVC Laminating Embossing,Non-carbon Paper Products Machine,Extruder Strainer,
        Contact Detail
        Company Forward Machinery Industrial Corp.
        Contacts Sales
        Country/Region Taiwan
        Address No.8, KUO-TAI RD., 350005 CHU-NAN, MAO-LI, TAIWAN
        TEL 886-3-7465137
        FAX 886-3-7470149
        Web Site http://www.newforward.com.tw

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