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        1Priority Search Listing Display up to 500 products as featured to get Priority Search Listing. Featured Listing will make you stay ahead of your competitors on the search result pages and help you get up to 10 times more inquiries than free members.
        Top Level Priority Search Listing
        Advertise Your Products on HomePages
        2Build Buyers' Trust Faster Build buyer trust with VIP Membership seal. As a Supplier/Seller with Premium membership, you will be trusted more and faster by buyers and receive more trade inquiries than Free Members.
        Let Buyers Know "You are verified" and "Trusted supplier"
        3Free website, CMS & Message Center Easy use of Content Management System to manage company.
        Get 6 kinds of professional looking website to showcase your business
        Get CMS to manage your company, products and news
        Get message center to communicate with buyers and potential customers
        4Youtube Video Disply
        Link product videos with Youtube
        Up to 100 videos management
        With 30% off for USD $999 / year

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